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Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+
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Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+

Product No.: HS-8-16-1
156,90 EUR
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The Flash-e-Vapor V4.5S+ has a tank volume of 4.5 ml.
Dimensions: diameter 23 mm  - length without DripTip 52 mm.
Empty weight is about 88 grams.
Including stainless steel wicks - dlc


During operation of  temperature controled Mods the adjustable plus pole
must be completely screwed in at the 510er connection, 
otherwise it can lead to malfunctions.

 Scope of delivery:

1x base
1x evaporator chamber -dual- (air screw mounted 1.2 mm, air screw mounted seald)
1x mounted tank with borosilicate glass 3.3 (precision grinded, polished-clear)
3x air screw (1x 1.4 mm, 2x 2.1 mm)
1x original DripTip short
1x accessories (0.5 m Ortmann fiber, 0.5 m Kanthal A1 wire 0.32 mm, 0.25 m cotton wick, 1x needle)
1x stainless steel wicks - dlc
1x mounting helper for air duct (1 cent piece)

1x Service Kit
3x O-ring 18x1 chamber, base
2x O-ring 19x1.5 tank parts
1x O-ring 10.5x1 air duct top
3x O-ring 6x1 air duct bottom, DripTip
2x screws M2x3 heating wire mount

Be careful when unpacking!
There are small parts in the package!

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Customer reviews:
Author: Özer 31.01.2024
Evaluation: 5 of 5 stars!
Long-time vaper, new FeV user. Worth every cent I paid. Thank you for this great product and for the excellent service. Top!
Author: Dhafer 24.03.2022
Evaluation: 5 of 5 stars!
هذا أول تقييم بالعربي

هذا التانك مميز جداً توصيل النيكوتين و الطعم والثروت هيت فوق الممتاز .

الصناعه ممتازه والمواد خورافيه

أنصح به بشده
Author: Lukáš 24.05.2021
Evaluation: 5 of 5 stars!
Simply the best rta i ever had or i had ever tried...
Author: Eli 15.01.2021
Evaluation: 5 of 5 stars!
Remarkable piece of kit. I Had a few of them already while recently bought anther two to my Arsenal. An Endless device! It looks old and It\'s like hanging around like a Pirate. But I love it! by the way, I use the BF-1 as a dripper for a more stealthy setup and thoroughly enjoying it! Sum: The flavor is top notch. It\'s quiet, aromatic with stunning throat hit. Can any Reasonable person ask for more? A must have!


This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, January 4, 2019.

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