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For smartphon & tabletts
Screw for positive pole BF-1 "closed"
Screw for positive pole BF-1 "closed"
5,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax plus Shipping costs
Flash-e-Vapor  Service-Kit V4-V4.5-V4.5+
Flash-e-Vapor Service-Kit V4-V4.5-V4.5+
3,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax plus Shipping costs


Ortmann fiber 3mm  4m  5,00 EURWick cotton cord  1,50 EURConnecting piece - psu V3-V3.5  12,90 EURConnecting piece - stainless steel V3  12,90 EURDripTip Flash-e-Vapor  6,90 EURConnecting piece - stainless steel vs  10,90 EURCone - Flash-e-Vapor - vs  10,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor vs - basic unit stainless steel  104,90 EURConnecting piece - psu - vs  10,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor vs - basic unit psu  104,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor - base - vs  53,50 EURAir screw 1.6 mm "vs"  2,50 EURMotive Flash e Vapor V2 classics  from   79,90 EURMotive Flash e Vapor V3 SWIRL  from   79,90 EURMotive Flash e Vapor V3/Vs DUEL  from   79,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor dD - glas tank  25,90 EURDripTip Flash-e-Vapor dD  19,90 EURDripTip Flash-e-Vapor DLC  12,80 EURStainless steel wicks  15,80 EURChopping Kit V4-V4.5-V4.5+  39,80 EURConnecting piece borosilicate glass 3.3 - Chopping Kit dD  29,90 EURDripTip Flash-e-Vapor short  6,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor V4.5-DLC  198,00 EURDripTip Flash-e-Vapor short-DLC  12,80 EURFlash-e-Vapor V4.5S+  147,50 EURFlash-e-Vapor V4.5+  148,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor V4.5L  151,90 EURMTL Air Screw-Set V4.5-V4.5+  from   5,60 EURReplacement glass V4.5S-V4.5S+ Chopping Kit V4.5-V4.5+  16,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor - base V2-V4.5+  59,90 EUREvaporator chamber V4.5-4.5+ dual  24,90 EURFlash-e-Vapor BF-1 Squonker  99,00 EURDripTip Flash-e-Vapor POM - short  12,90 EURDripTip Flash-e-Vapor POM - long  12,90 EUR

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Coil Genius
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Coil Genius is a tool for the calculation of coils for self-winding evaporators. The "Coil Genius" application is now available at the App Store! This app is available in English and German!

Notes: our range of evaporators is TPD2 compliant and registered with the EU. An EC-ID number list is available for download to our dealers.


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No more online shopping for clients from Austria!

On the basis of the new legal situation in force from May 20th. 2016 by the adoption of the new TPD2 (Tobacco Products Directive) it is no longer possible for us to carry out online orders from Austria.


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